Medical Evacuation FAQs

Medical Evacuation FAQs

Do you handle medical emergencies?

Any medical emergencies which require life flight services are covered under your membership if they are at least 99 miles away from your address listed on your membership application.

1. A. Repatriation Expenses

  • Up to USD 1,000,000 any one Member, any one claim

1. B. Medical Expenses

  • Up to USD 1,500 per day any one Member 
    Maximum 7 days in all any one membership period

1. C. Repatriation of Mortal Remains 

  • Up to USD 25,000 any one Member 
    Including costs incurred for Relative to travel to the location of the remains and accompany the remains back to a funeral home or mortuary nearer to the Member’s permanent residence
  • In the event of a Loss, the amounts stated above for A – C shall apply separately as applicable

Are your rates the same for high-profile VIPs and celebrities?

Yes, there is no discrimination against our members, regardless of status.

Are these services available to journalists, photographers, and news reporters?

Yes, services are provided to anyone. There are no occupational restrictions.

Does a nondisclosure cover your client list agreement?

Yes, all information provided is deemed private in the upmost care in handling information.

Is discretionary protection coverage available?

No, your membership fees do not cover discretionary protection.

Do you provide special needs services?

Yes, we provide membership services irrespective of the special needs status of the member.

Do you provide services for minors?

Yes, we provide comprehensive services for members of all ages up to 75 (including minors).

Will you accommodate special requests?

No, unfortunately we do not accommodate special requests.

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