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International LifeLine™ is a critical event and travel risk management company emerging from decades of experience and expertise in protecting lives. With offices across the world in Chicago, Detroit, Houston, London, Nashville, New York, and Perth, the Company provides on-demand incident management and emergency response services worldwide. These include emergency medical and security evacuation, crisis response, political evacuation, escalation services, and kidnap and extortion response.

Orbis Travel Safety Limited,  the company behind International LifeLine™ employs advanced technology, innovative solutions, and years of experience to provide efficient and reliable emergency response services to customers worldwide. The Company’s 24/7 Lifeline Response Center, situated just north of Houston, Texas, is wholly owned and fully equipped to handle any emergency.

International LifeLine™ is the result of the fusion of two leading global security companies: The Guidry Group and Orbis Travel Safety. Both entities established themselves as players in the global security, kidnap and ransom, and medical evacuation domains.

The Guidry Group, founded by Michael Guidry in 1985, has over three decades of experience providing peace of mind to families, corporations, and government groups. Throughout his career, Mr. Guidry and The Guidry Group have personally handled 71 kidnappings and 52 extortions in over 100 countries worldwide. In every instance, with the aid of specialized teams, The Guidry Group has achieved a remarkable success rate in safely returning every single victim home.

Orbis Travel Safety Limited, formerly GEOS Travel Safety Limited, was founded by Peter Chlubek in 2005. Since then, it has protected its members’ lives and coordinated responses to over 83,000 incidents across 198 countries.

Now offering their security, technology, and expertise in one unified company, International LifeLine™ is prepared to continue its legacy of providing exceptional security services and assistance to global travelers, businesses, and governments as a single entity. Proven to be effective and dependable, you can trust us in a crisis.

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International LifeLine™ Membership

An International LifeLine™Membership is a must for any traveler.  

Our unique International LifeLine™ Optimum Membership is a 3 in 1 package that offers the following:

  1. Kidnap and Extortion Resolution.
  2. Emergency Political Evacuation.
  3. Worldwide Medical Evacuation and Repatriation. 

Our memberships provide members with scalable solutions that are customized to fit your safety needs and budget. 

An International LifeLine™ Membership is for:

Essentials Annual Membership

Starting at: $329.00/ year

Optimum Annual Membership

Starting at: $488.00/ year

Don't need an Annual Plan?

Trip Membership

Starting at: $8.00/day

A Couple is a subscribing member and their Partner.

A Partner is:
“Partner” means a Member’s legally married spouse or partner, who permanently lives with the Member or a person who is permanently living with the Member and has been for at least 6 months and the relationship is in the nature of a marriage even though it has not been legally formalized.

A Family is:
“Family Membership” means and comprises each of the following:
(a) the subscribing individual; and
(b) the subscribing individual’s Partner (if they have a Partner); and
(c) the Children of (a) and (b) above.

A Child is:
“Child/ Children” means any Member’s (whether the subscribing individual to the Member’s membership or the subscribing individual’s Partner) natural, legally adopted, foster or step child/children provided that such child is unmarried and under age 19 and permanently living with the Member; or up to age 23 if in full-time education.

The Origin of International LifeLine™& The Services we Provide

Before entrusting anyone to help protect your life, you would naturally wish to be assured that the people offering you their services were very experienced and had an excellent track record in delivering on their promises. The following describes who we are.

Company Incorporation

Our company was founded on November 14, 2005.

GEOS Historical Performance

Since November 1, 2007 GEOS Travel Safety Limited and our staff have protected the lives of our members and we have coordinated the responses to over 83,000 incidents in 198 countries. The following links to press coverage illustrate our provenance. Bloomberg did a review of us in 2019.


Sale of Assets to Garmin

On the January 5, 2021, Garmin announced that it had substantially acquired most of the assets of GEOS


GEOS Travel Safety Becomes Orbis Travel Safety

Garmin has stepped back from Medical Evacuation services. In the meantime, GEOS Travel Safety Limited has changed its name to Orbis Travel Safety Limited and we have continued to expand the medivac services.

Why are we based in Guernsey?

The Crown Dependency of Guernsey is a self-governing territory within the British Isles. It is a world renowned international financial center that is very well regulated and is on the OECD white list. Our company is regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission. We are based here for the benefit of our international investors and, in addition, some of us live here. It is a wonderful place to live and we invite you to visit our offices here.

Continued Underwriting at Lloyd’s of London

We have now developed a comprehensive travel safety program which includes worldwide Medical Evacuation cover, Political Evacuation cover and Kidnap & Extortion resolution support and the provision of all of these services is underwritten by certain Syndicates at Lloyd’s – the world’s most significant insurance market and we have continued to use the same underwriters for the past 10 years who know and understand our business very well.The syndicates that we use enjoy market ratings of A (excellent) from A.M. Best, A+ (strong) from Standard & Poor’s, and AA- (VERY strong) from Fitch Ratings. As a further addition, we have included the full reimbursement of Garmin SAR100 search and rescue insurance thus providing, in our view, the most comprehensive travel safety product on the market.

This new program is called International LifeLine™.

Kidnap & Extortion Services

International LifeLine’s™ Kidnap and Extortion services are provided by The Guidry Group.

The Guidry Group has been in existence since 1985. In that time span, Mr. Guidry has personally handled 71 kidnappings and 52 extortions in over 100 countries around the world. So far, with the help of all the teams we use, we have never had a client kidnapped and we have been successful in bringing back the victims in every instance. Once we receive a notification of a kidnapping, the victim becomes part of the Guidry family, and we work closely with family members in making sure we do everything we can to facilitate the release and safe return home.

Having known Mr. Chlubek since the inception of GEOS, our working relationship has continued to grow. As a result, and through all of our effort, we were able to bring a membership program like International LifeLine™ to its most valuable asset – You. 

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