International LifeLine™ 
Affiliate Sales Opportunities

International LifeLine™ is a critical event and travel risk management company providing on-demand incident management and emergency response services worldwide.

As our Affiliate, you have the ability to market and sell essential travel safety Memberships that include coverage for everything from unexpected illnesses and injuries requiring emergency medical transport, escape from riots or political unrest, to the unthinkable possibility of kidnap and extortion resolution services – to anyone who travels 99 miles or more from home – and you get paid for each membership you sell!

  • Unlimited Earning Potential!  Earn a commission on each Membership sold – commissions vary based on volume.
  • Get Paid Monthly – You determine how you want to be paid!  We offer PayPal, ACH Direct Deposit, Wire Transfers and more.
  • Co-Branded Website – Custom designed landing pages make selling Memberships easy to sell!
  • Affordable Memberships – Attractively priced, available for individuals, couples & families both domestic and international.
  • Worldwide Trusted Brand – We’ve built a strong reputation for excellence and trustworthiness in the global emergency response services market.  We have a proven track record of saving people worldwide.
  • Signing up is FREE and takes just a moment of your time to get started.

Selling International LifeLine™ travel memberships offer you year-round opportunities to add recurring revenue to your bottom line!  Whether it’s promoting summer vacations, winter getaways, or weekend escapes, there’s always a travel season to target.  

It’s not just for jetsetters – it’s for anyone who travels 99 miles or more from their residence!  Who doesn’t do that on a regular basis!  
We provide the training and support to help you get started and succeed! 
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Becoming a Travel Safety Ambassador is a great way to raise funds for your school or club while also educating your community about the importance of travel safety.

As a Travel Safety Ambassador, you earn money for your school or club for each Membership you sell! You have an unlimited earning potential!  Bake sales and candy bars are no match for the earning potential created by selling travel safety.  

Our complete contactless fundraiser system earns some of the highest commission in the marketplace and it practically sells itself, earning your school or club the money it needs.


Easily Manage Your Membership

Simply login to your account from your smart phone or computer! It's that simple!

24x7 Assistance

Call Our 24-Hour US Based Emergency Response Center
(855) 642-1615 or +44 20 3397 2317

Secure Access

Providing the highest security from anywhere around the globe. State of the art encrypted technology.

Stay In The Know!

Get all the latest news and events from International LifeLine™ including safety travel alerts and more. 

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