Kidnap & Extortion / Political Evacuation / FAQs

Is a retainer required?

No retainer is required. Your membership fee covers consulting services up to $250,000 per incident.

Do you provide training?

Membership fees do not provide training; however, those services can be solicited outside of the membership.

Do you provide all-weather responses?

Yes, given that international flight regulations do not prohibit flight.

Do you provide services to government agencies?

Yes, we provide services to any member as long as the country is not sanctioned by the United States, European Union, or the UK.

Do you guarantee your services and results?

Unfortunately, we cannot give 100% guarantee in every situation. However, be assured that we will exhaust all efforts possible in any emergency.

Do you provide services to private citizens, politicians, and government employees?

Yes, we provide services to all valid members regardless of whether they are citizens, politicians, and government employees.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, our operations are insured by CMP444 and TRV5,000 at Lloyd’s of London.

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24x7 Assistance

Call Our 24-Hour US Based Emergency Response Center at: (855) 642-1615 or +44 20 3397 2317

Secure Access

Providing the highest security from anywhere around the globe. State of the art encrypted technology.

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