International Lifeline™ at the IGLTA Convention in San Juan

Building a Compassionate World of Travel

The 40th Anniversary International LGBTQ+ Travel Association (IGLTA) held in San Juan, Puerto Rico (#IGLTA40) represented a significant gathering of professionals and stakeholders in the travel and tourism industry, and International LifeLine was there.   By attending, International LifeLine wanted to demonstrate its commitment to providing security and support to all travelers, regardless of their sexual orientation, race, or creed.

Celebrating Diversity

The IGLTA Convention is a platform to celebrate the diverse needs and interests of travelers, recognizing that travel is for everyone.  It changes our lives and our perceptions. International Lifeline chose to attend to demonstrate its commitment to being a part of this inclusive journey.

Understanding Unique Needs

In today’s world, no travel is 100% safe.  Travelers, especially LGTBQ+ travelers, may face specific challenges when it comes to their safety and well-being while on the road. By attending the convention, International Lifeline had the opportunity to learn more about travel’s inherent risks, as well as the unique needs and concerns of LGBTQ+ travelers. Staying on top of travel trends and world events, International LifeLine stays at the front of preparedness and stays on the ready to help its members.  Indeed, while the conference took place, terrorists attacked Israel, causing death and destruction. International LifeLine was ready for its members and was more than ready to bring them home.

Expanding Outreach

The IGLTA Convention is not just about awareness; it’s about networking and building relationships. International Lifeline’s presence at the convention allowed them to connect with businesses and organizations. These partnerships enhance International LifeLine’s ability to provide comprehensive and inclusive services to all travelers.

Showcasing Commitment

Being part of the IGLTA Convention shows that International Lifeline is not just interested in tapping into a growing market but is genuinely dedicated to the well-being of all travelers, including LGBTQ+ travelers. It demonstrates that International LifeLine is willing to go the extra mile to create a safe and inclusive environment for all their clients.

Promoting Tourism

By participating in the convention, International Lifeline is contributing to the growth of tourism and LGBTQ+ tourism. The LGBTQ+ tourism market is not only an economically significant segment of the industry but also an important step toward normalizing travel and making it more accessible and enjoyable.

Creating Trust and Loyalty

LGBTQ+ travelers often face discrimination and prejudice in various parts of the world. Knowing that International Lifeline actively participates in events like the IGLTA40 can help build trust and loyalty among LGBTQ+ travelers, who may feel more secure with a company that acknowledges and supports their unique travel concerns.  In many ways, the LGBTQ+ traveler is not unique.  They want to feel safe and secure, just like everyone else.  It is International LifeLine’s mission that all travelers should feel safe and secure, whether home or abroad.

Learning from Peers

IGLTA40 also provided International Lifeline with the opportunity to learn from other industry leaders and peers who are making strides in travel and tourism. This knowledge-sharing helps International LifeLine refine and enhance its services, ensuring that we are at the forefront of travel safety and inclusivity.

Strengthening the Brand

In a world where conscious consumerism is gaining momentum, being part of initiatives like GLTA40 can enhance a brand’s reputation. International Lifeline’s presence at the event sent a positive message to all clients and potential clients who value human life and diversity.  We are here for you.  On the cold winter travel night, we will be there with a warm blanket. You can put your trust in us.

International Lifeline’s decision to attend IGLTA40 was not just good but an important step toward embracing diversity and inclusivity within the travel industry. It demonstrates International LifeLine’s commitment to providing safe and supportive services for all travelers and shows that International LifeLine is actively engaging with travel’s evolving landscape. By participating in such events, International Lifeline is not only expanding its business horizons but also contributing to the development of a more compassionate and inclusive world of travel.

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