Essentials Annual Membership

Starting at: $329.00/ year

Optimum Annual Membership

Starting at: $488.00/ year

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Trip Membership

Starting at: $8.00/day

A Couple is a subscribing member and their Partner.

A Partner is:
“Partner” means a Member’s legally married spouse or partner, who permanently lives with the Member or a person who is permanently living with the Member and has been for at least 6 months and the relationship is in the nature of a marriage even though it has not been legally formalized.

A Family is:
“Family Membership” means and comprises each of the following:
(a) the subscribing individual; and
(b) the subscribing individual’s Partner (if they have a Partner); and
(c) the Children of (a) and (b) above.

A Child is:
“Child/ Children” means any Member’s (whether the subscribing individual to the Member’s membership or the subscribing individual’s Partner) natural, legally adopted, foster or step child/children provided that such child is unmarried and under age 19 and permanently living with the Member; or up to age 23 if in full-time education.